With BRILLIANT EverGlow highly aesthetic and long-lasting restorations can be achieved effortlessly.

The universal submicron hybrid composite BRILLIANT EverGlow excels through convenient sculptability and form stability, excellent polishability and a long-lasting high lustre. Its sophisticated shade system offers three translucency levels and enhanced Duo Shades that allow for a flexible use for single-shade and multi-shade layered restorations.
• Exceptional polishability and long-lasting brilliance
• Aesthetic single-shade restorations
• Versatile shade system with three translucency levels
• Excellent sculptability and smooth consistency
• Good wettability with minimal stickiness to the instrument

BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow is based on the same filler technology as BRILLIANT EverGlow and is therefore the perfect complement. Thanks to its well-adjusted thixotropy, BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow has a low viscousity yet offers high stability. A new, extra thin application needle extends the range of accessories and allows for highest application precision.
• Highly stable yet very flowable
• Good wettability for extensive coverage
• Convenient shade concept – including opaque shade
• Perfect partner for the universal composite BRILLIANT EverGlow
• Two application needle sizes for multiple indications