BRILLIANT EverGlow Tips / Kit

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BRILLIANT EverGlow Tips 0.2 g


kit Contents 20 Tips x 0.2 g



Enduring gloss – made brilliant

With BRILLIANT EverGlow highly aesthetic and long-lasting restorations can be achieved effortlessly.

The universal submicron hybrid composite BRILLIANT EverGlow excels through convenient sculptability and form stability, excellent polishability and a long-lasting high lustre. Its sophisticated shade system offers three translucency levels and enhanced Duo Shades that allow for a flexible use for single-shade and multi-shade layered restorations.

  • Exceptional polishability and long-lasting brilliance
  • Aesthetic single-shade restorations
  • Versatile shade system with three translucency levels
  • Excellent sculptability and smooth consistency
  • Good wettability with minimal stickiness to the instrument

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