Shapeguard Silicone Polishers

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Shapeguard Silicone Polishers


Shapeguard DIATECH Silicone Polishers


The DIATECH portfolio offers a broad range of polishers for all kinds of applications and materials. It covers all individual preferences and techniques to achieve a high luster polish with polishers for composites, ceramics, metal or acrylics.

DIATECH ShapeGuard is a special head shape developed to facilitate intraoral polishing of almost all areas of composite, ceramic and zirconia restorations. Due to its flexible lamellas, it adapts to any surface and provides uniform pressure distribution so that the morphology of the tooth is preserved. This polisher is fast, easy and intuitive to use and achieves outstanding high luster polishing results.

DIATECH silicone diamond polishers are recommended to work on materials with a higher final hardness, due to the diamond particles increasing their durability and abrasiveness.

The softer silicone polishers are best suited to work on materials with a lower hardness, without reducing the structures which give a tooth its natural look.

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