Fill Up

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Fill Up Economy Kit ( 5 Syringes x 4.5 g )


One Coat 7.0 is a 7th generation, single component, light-cured, self-etching adhesive.


Welcome on the safe side!


Fill-Up! is a dual curing, medium viscous bulk composite for posterior Class I and II restorations. Owing to its dual curing property, fillings with Fill-Up! can be administered in arbitrary filling depth in a single step! An additional covering layer can optionally be applied to enhance aesthetics but is not necessary.

Conventional light curing bulk filling materials are limited in their curing depth, putting into question whether the restoration fully cures. On the contrary, the dual curing property of Fill-Up! guarantees a thorough curing down to the bottom of every cavity. Moreover, chemical curing minimises shrinkage stress dramatically, preventing microfractures and postoperative sensitivities. As supported by study, the bonding partners ParaBond and ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL (together with the activator) cater for a perfect marginal seal comparable to the one of conventional composite – before and after thermocycling and chewing abrasion – ensuring a secure long-term restorative solution.

Fill-Up! is your perfect choice for all Class I and II fillings, cavity lining and core build-ups – every time when a fast restoration is needed or for cavities difficult to reach with the curing light.

Deep. : dual curing, arbitrary filling depth and guaranteed curing

Fast. :no layering, easy handling, fast procedure

Perfect. minimum shrinkage stress, perfect marginal adaption


One Coat 7.0

Is a 7th generation, single component, light-cured, self-etching adhesive designed to etch, prime and bond all in one solution for effortless bonding performance on any surface!
• One bottle – fewer components save time and minimize confusion
• One coat – no reapplication or waiting period required
• Fast application in 35 seconds – fewer steps save time and minimize error
• Low-evaporation formula – no volatile acetone-based solvents that can quickly evaporate
• Nanofilled technology – delivers a homogenous bond layer and improves mechanical properties
• Outstanding shear bond strength
• Superior marginal integrity with low risk of marginal sensitivity
• Antibacterial*
• One Coat 7.0 Activator – compatibility to chemical-cured materials

*Test method: Proliferation assay for testing the antimicrobial activity with S. epidermidis by QualityLabs, Germany.