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Light Body, 2 pcs, 50 ml

2 x 50 ml Cartridge
1 x 12 pcs Universal Mixing Tip Refill

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Superior flow properties where it counts – In the mouth

AFFINIS PRECIOUS polyvinylsiloxane (PVS) wash materials have a contact angle of only 10°. Its superior flow properties allow the impression material to easily capture all critical surface details of the preparations in a wet environment.

AFFINIS PRECIOUS was developed to produce accurate results in the mouth and in the lab. The wettability allows the wet gypsum to flow more easily into the impression, producing more accurate stone models. An accurate model is the key for the lab technician to create proper fitting restorations.

AFFINIS PRECIOUS provides you with exceptional readability of marginal detail. The unique silver and gold pigmentation drastically reduces the light scattering effect, thus improving the visibility of the margins.

Thermo-reactive formula leaves you in control of the total setting time

AFFINIS PRECIOUS wash materials have a variable working time from 5 to 60 seconds. The variable working time is possible due to the thermo-reactive formula that has an accelerated setting after the tray has been seated and the material has reached its final film thickness. This allows the total impression setting time to be in direct relationship to the number of preparations included in the impression.The fewer preparations you have, the less total setting time you need.

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